intermediate procrastination

8 Jun

Today I emailed one of the keepers about the possibility of renting a room in her house until I find an actual place to live. It would be a good idea, since I wouldn’t have to rush to find a permanent place that I liked.

The only problem with this scenario is that I would be moving twice. But, I figure while I’m renting a room I’ll just bring the bare essentials (i.e. clothing, laptop, dvd player), then haul all of my worldly possesions down there when I find a house.

I really want to buy a digital camera so I can chronicle all of the weird and wonderful things that are bound to happen when I relocate. I figure I had better do it now before I become undeniably destitute. I’m thinking of getting an HP E327 5-megapixel…but I know nothing about cameras so any suggestions would be useful.

Also, I’ve decided to add a daily update (below) on my moving preparation progress. As you can see, I’m full of initiative and rip-raring to go.

Days until move: 24
Number of boxes packed: 0
Number of apartments/houses considered: 0
Number of alcoholic beverages consumed: 1


One Response to “intermediate procrastination”

  1. acaben June 9, 2006 at 00:26 #

    Might I suggest one of the Canon Powershot’s instead of the HP, particularly one of the SD-n00 models, where n is an integer between 2 and 7. I’ve had the SD100 for about 3 years now, and it’s been the best camera I’ve ever owned. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket and takes decent pictures. Of course, in the three years since, the quality and resolution has improved a lot, but the form factor hasn’t changed much. And, the Canon’s are generally thought to have the best picture quality for the low-end auto-focus market (where low-end is anything that’s not SLR and $n000, where n is an integer between 1 and 20.)

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