but do you have a flag?

20 Jun

I only have two days left at my current job. It’s kind of boring since they have already given my work to other people. So I spend most of the day distracting others. I’m gonna be a bit sad because I like the wacky people I work with. I’ll miss them. And when I don’t have to go to work anymore that means I have to start packing.

My stress level is rising. I’m starting to feel the slightest twinge of panic. Moving is such a pain. I just want to throw out everything I own….it would make it easier. I say that every time I move.

My mom asked me the other day whether I really wanted this new job, because I have seemed miserable since I found out I got it. I do want this job. But I’m stressed. I don’t handle moving well. I also don’t like being the “new person.”

I’ll be relieved when I’m finally down there and working. With the turd-birds.

DAILY (procrastination) UPDATE

Days until move: 12
Total boxes packed: 0
Total apartments/houses considered: 8
Total alcoholic beverages comsumed: 5


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