he blew his mind out in a car

26 Jun

So, I was in a minor car accident on Sunday. I was parked on the street outside my house to run in and grab something. When I got back in my car someone was coming over the hill and went around me as I was turning left. The bumper is now hanging off of the Volvo. I figured I should fuck it up before giving it to Asa. The police decided it was no fault and it will be relatively easy to fix. But, I didn’t get to go to Shaver’s Creek because I didn’t have a functioning vehicle.

Tomorrow I’m going down to Bill’s house to pick up my Tracker. My aunt Anita, who is visiting from FL, my mom and I are going down tomorrow evening. Then I’m gonna drive The Clown Car back on Wednesday morning. It’s out of inspection. But, once I get out of PA it doesn’t matter…So I’m going to live dangerously until Sunday morning.

Oh, and I found out that the house I’m going to be staying in doesn’t have internet. Now, I’m not sure if she doesn’t have internet because she just doesn’t want it or if you can’t get it there because it’s in the country. I may die. I will attempt to blog as much as possible though, since we are allowed to use the internet at work. But I’ll have to find somewhere with wireless so I can upload pictures to flickr.

Not related, but for everyone’s enjoyment, here is video of Mindy telling a dirty joke from this Saturday’s party:

DAILY (procrastination) UPDATE

Days until move: 6
Total boxes packed: 5
Total apartments/houses considered: 8
Total alcoholic beverages consumed: 11


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