a scrap of snatch

1 Jul

Tonight I rocked out for my second to last evening in PA singing karaoke at the Eutaw House with Michael and Sarah. It was a blast, but I was sad that Mindy couldn’t come. Here’s my favorite pic of the night:

There are more snapshots at Flickr. Also, here’s a video of Sarah and me singing a Beatles song.

On a more upsetting note: Apparently the cops are stupid because the insurace company called and informed us that there is no such thing as “no fault” in Pennsylvania. They have to determine who is at fault, so they have to do an investigation on the car crash now. That’s just great. It’s just the type of thing I need right now.

On a slightly better note: After my Tracker died alongside the highway yesterday, I thought I had gone through two cars in the course of a single week. But, we figured out that it was just the alternator that needed replaced. So Bill swapped it out and it works now.

I’m going to drive The Clown Car tommorow, and if it doesn’t die I will deem it fit to drive to NC. Lastly, I’m breaking out. I assume it’s from the stress. Gross.

PS – High Five for clean punani!

DAILY (procrastination) UPDATE

Days until move: 2
Total boxes packed: 12
Total apartments/houses considered: 8
Total alcoholic beverages consumed: 14


One Response to “a scrap of snatch”

  1. The one and only... July 3, 2006 at 22:18 #

    High five for clean pun-nai!!!!! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there either!!!! I know I missed a good time!!!

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