way down south in dixie

8 Jul

So, I’m in the library, which took me about an hour to find. I got lost and had to call Asa to look it up on MapQuest for me. I can’t get a library card because they want proof that I live here, which I do not have.

I don’t have internet or cable at the house, and my cell phone reception depends on which room I’m in. So I am attempting to get dial-up. My roommate seems nice, but I only talked to her for about an hour. She’s gone on vacation this whole week.

But the new job is awesome. And I like everyone I work with. We had two birds die this week, but we also had three new chicks and six new eggs. Right now they are starting me off doing the diets in the breeding facility. It’s a lot to remember and absorb. But it’s really cool. I have today and Sunday off, then I work seven days in a row before I get another two days off. I’ve been really exhausted since I’m not used to being on my feet all day. I need to get some fancy inserts for my shoes, or something. It’s kind of surreal. I don’t really feel like I’ve moved yet. I sort of feel like I’m on vacation or something.

It would be nice if I could find somewhere with wireless, but no luck yet. I called mom last night and asked her to look on the internet and see if she could find a cafe or someplace with wireless.

Mom: It says that they have wee-fee.
Me: Mom, it’s pronounced “why-fye”.
Mom: Well, it looks like “wee-fee” to me.

Anyway, I’ll try to be in touch with everyone as much as possible. I’m going to call to set up my internet when I get home. But, I have to try to find Wal-Mart first.


2 Responses to “way down south in dixie”

  1. Michael July 9, 2006 at 00:50 #

    I need a rational person to tel lme that things will be ok and to give me a hug and a glare that tells me that I’m being ridiculous.I’ll just pretend you’re here.I’m drunk commenting you at 1:46…it’s kinda lame, but kinda sexy.

  2. blackbird July 9, 2006 at 16:26 #

    awwww….I miss you too.HUG HUG HUG

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