merry maid

11 Jul

People drive like freaking psychopaths here. It is pissing me off.

Anyway, I find it ironic that most of my job involves cleaning, washing dishes, and preparing food. Things I rarely do in my own habitation. But, now that I live in someone else’s house I am being a very clean person, so as not to be an asshole.

There were loads of people at the zoo today. Apparently every Tuesday in July and August is “Two Dollar Day.” I had some free time before lunch so I wandered around the aviary looking for birds that hadn’t been seen yet that day. We try to make sure that all of the birds are seen by at least one keeper every day. Which is not always easy in what is effectively a small forest.

A little kid today told me that there were birds loose. He didn’t understand that they’re supposed to fly around the aviary. I guess people like to tell the keepers that a lot.

Here’s a pic of our Sun Bittern chick (left) and mama. I hope it looks better on your computer than it does on mine. I think the settings on mine make all the pictures low resolution since I have slow internet. Anyway, he’s about to fledge (leave the nest and learn to fly, for all non-biology folk). He’s been teetering on the surrounding branches for days. Also, any day now our African Pygmy Goose goslings should be hatching. I’ll take lots of pics of them because they will be cute and fuzzy.


One Response to “merry maid”

  1. Michael July 12, 2006 at 18:41 #

    YAY for baby birds!

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