23 Aug

Zoo update:
We’ve been pretty busy lately. Yesterday we had a vet procedure for our Chestnut Teal. We also had to catch up a pair of Pekin Robins for the vets to look at. We were worried that one of them might have mites because he has a bald spot. It turns out his mate is picking his feathers out in that spot.

All of our numerous babies are doing well. Although we let the Roul Roul family out into the aviary for the first time a few days ago and the parents took off without the ckicks. Then the chicks freaked and started to fly into the windows so we had five keepers all running around trying to catch the chicks again. When we finally got them we clipped their wing feathers so they can’t fly and put them back in the trap cage and then spent about 15 minutes corralling mom and dad back in there. The next day we tried letting them out again with much better results. But mom and dad aren’t interested in the chicks anymore, so the little ones just hang out with the other adult males.

Today we had a huge animal division meeting (that’s all the keepers, commisary staff, and curators). We all got to meet the new general curator. He seems very approachable and it sounds like he genuinely wants to change some things for the better, so we like him.

Job Hunt Update:
Books-A-Million called me back for an interview, but they told me that the closing shift starts at 4PM and they aren’t flexible with the times. I can’t do that because I get out of work at the zoo at 4PM. So, I’m kind of bummed about that because I would have actually liked that job.

Pics From The Highland Games:

The Border Collie sheep herding demonstration. The old guy’s name is Skip. He and the dogs are from Squirrel’s Nest Farm.

One of several Celtic bands that played, Naomi’s Fancy. You can almost see up that guy’s kilt.

Bagpipers from Greensboro’s own Deep River Pipes & Drums. Watch out, they give free lessons.


One Response to “untitled”

  1. Craig August 25, 2006 at 16:25 #

    Hmm …. ***Note to self***Get a longer kilt for gigs on a raised stage!/me blushes

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