tennis, anyone?

17 Sep

So I’ve been a bad blogger lately. The thing is, my life isn’t that interesting right now. A good blogger would find something amusing to write about, but I’ve been lazy. I’m on my four-day weekend of doing nothing.

I was going to write about 9/11. But then I thought better of it. What could I really say that hasn’t been said already?

I did watch the final match of the U.S. Open last week. I don’t usually watch tennis, but I just happened to flick on the TV and I was sucked in. First of all, the back and forth motion of the ball has a soothing effect, like rocking a baby. Second of all, it’s hard not to be pulled along with the emotions of the crowd oohing and ahhing. Thirdly, Roger Federer and Andy Roddick are both hot, sweaty, grunting men. What’s not to love?

Federer (l); Roddick (r)
In other news:
– The oldest writing in the new world has been discovered in Mexico. Archaeologists believe it to be from the Olmec people.
– The Pope has apologized for his horrendous insult to the mulsim world. Or more precisely, the sly dog apologized for “the reaction” to his comment.
– Ironically, a real body has shown up on the set of CSI:Miami. Apparently this has happend on the set of CSI:New York as well.

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