when the sun turns traitor cold

7 Oct

Today I started the first fire of the year in the wood stove. There’s something very satisfying and primal about making a fire. It almost makes me want to club something and drag it back to my cave.

Anyway, I had to fire it up because it’s been cold and rainy. You can tell that autumn is here. I love autumn, when the air starts to get thinner so that all the borders between things look sharper. And everything tastes and smells earthier. Here are some of my favorite fall things.

Best fall food: Pumpkin pie
Best fall song: “Urge for Going” by Joni Mitchell
Best fall wardrobe item: My favorite zip-up sweater
Best fall beverage: Apple cider (hard or otherwise)
Best fall smell: It’s a toss up between the musky smell of freshly raked leaves and the pungent, slightly singed smell of a jack-o-lantern.

PS: I am officially a zookeeper now – after I came home I put my hands in the pockets of my hoodie and found some flamingo chow.


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