NYC post 1

21 Oct

Quick recap

Arrive at JFK
Meet Mikhail
2 hours on subway
Walk around Brooklyn
Get lost in Prospect Park
See mysterious movie shoot
Go to dinner at Two Boots
Go hang out at Tea Lounge, where Michael works
Have free drinks and listen to cool band

Breakfast at Dunkin’
Go to the Brooklyn Museum and see Annie Leibovitz show
Go to MOMA
Get caught in torrential downpour
Lunch in a sandwich shop
Go to The Strand, manage not to buy anything
Go back to apartment
Try to figure out how to get to a poetry reading, fail
Try to figure out how to get to a showing of The Prestige, fail
Try to get into a showing of Marie Antoinette, sold out
Give up and eat pizza
Go to the organic bar, Counter, and have expensive cocktails
Get trapped on the malfunctioning subway for two hours

More to come!


One Response to “NYC post 1”

  1. cindy patton October 23, 2006 at 10:58 #

    The breakdown is awesome, but the big unanswered question… Did you have fun???

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