grow a pair

4 Dec

I had a great weekend hanging out with Ben and Elisha in MD. Pictures will be posted soon. But, unfortunately this is going to be a bitch-blog. I would like to rant about dating, more specifically my experiences (or lack thereof) with

I have come to the disturbing conclusion that there is not a single man within a 50-mile radius under the age of 40 that wants to date me. Shocking, I know.

I’ve barely gotten any emails. I emailed 3 people that sounded interesting and have gotten no responses. And it kind of irritates me, because I always respond to people. Even if it’s just hitting the “I’m not interested” button, at least I acknowledge their existence.

Then finally, a guy started messaging me who sounded cool. We had lots of things in common and we had interesting email conversations. He seemed smart and funny. Then we talked on the phone and all seemed to well. He asked me if I wanted to go out, and I said I did but that it would have to wait for about a week because I was about to go home for Thanksgiving. He said this was fine and we would talk later. He emailed me 2 or 3 days later while I was at home and I replied.

That was over a week ago. I haven’t heard anything back so I believe I am now in “blow off” territory. At first I thought that maybe I said something in that last email that was offensive or repellent in some way. But that can’t be it, because it pretty much said, “My Thanksgiving was good. I was happy to see my family and friends. How was yours?”

Maybe he found someone else more interesting or just isn’t interested in me anymore. I’m fine with that. I don’t really care that much. I just think it would be common courtesy to grow some balls and give me some sort of response.

I find that the lack of testicular fortitude is widespread in the twenty-something white-male population. Seriously, white guys never hit on me, unless they’re totally smashed. I refuse to believe this is due to a lack of hotness on my part, because I’m totally smokin’ (although you wouldn’t know it from the pictures Elisha took this weekend). Rather, I attribute it to their need to find courage in the bottom of a beer glass. I have been admonished by guys before because they say, “You can initiate things too, you know!”

My response to this is twofold:
1) I really don’t think I should have to.
2) When I do, I inevitably get screwed (and not in a good way).

So now I will cease the overuse of parentheses and invite insights and comments, because I’m stumped. Really.


6 Responses to “grow a pair”

  1. Ben December 4, 2006 at 20:45 #

    I thought you looked really hot this weekend, even if Elisha does manage to capture people looking not their best. (Actually, looking back at her pictures now, I think you look pretty smokin’ in them, as well.)I’m sorry guys are crappy. I’m quite sure that someone as smart and funny (and, obviously, hot) as you will find someone not pathetically unable to communicate their attraction to you. Sadly, I’m not sure it’ll be within a 50 mile radius…I mean, dude…the south?

  2. The one and only... December 5, 2006 at 09:09 #

    I think you just need to first…calm down! Everyone goes through “dry” periods, even if it’s on an online dateing site. Give this guy a break…he might just be busy you never know. Give him a call…if he doesn’t answer and doesn’t get back to you within 2 days…then screw him. *YES the two day ‘grace’ period does come into play, that’s a reasonable amount of time to return a phone call*You are one awesome, HOT piece of ASS and I would totally do you! Trust me…I KNOW it’s hard…especially when you are looking for it and can’t find anyone worth your time. TRUST ME I KNOW! Patience! You never know…if someone you never thought you’d like says “hello” give them a shot…you just never know! LOVE YA!

  3. Shrig December 5, 2006 at 11:44 #

    Hey dude.Your not the only person I’ve run into that has a issues with online dating sites. Many of my friends who have been on the sites for a year have had no luck. I even over hear people in classes and on the street that are forever complaining about online dating. So no, its not you. The stories on t.v. are quite possibly people that have been paid. I think that these sites have very good advertising adgents. That’s it.Personally, if I were a guy, I would probably be all over you. Ben and the one and only are right, you are one smokin’ hot piece of ass. Cheer up baby girl. You’ll find someone on your own. I don’t think you need a website to help people see how cool you are. You simply do that on your own.

  4. Robert December 5, 2006 at 14:15 #

    I normally steer clear of the advice game, but you did invite comments from the peanut gallery.I know a guy with whom I get along quite well, but that my female friends find annoying and physically repulsive. He’s gotten more first dates than I can count (and many second and third dates) from online dating sites. Online dating sucks. As meat markets go, it’s more hamburger than steak. It’s hard to expect much out of it.For finding relationships effortlessly, nothing compares to having an extended network of friends of similar age. That’s why college is so easy. Short of that, it’s all about meeting people, perhaps a lot of them, and making good impressions. That’s why cities are (relatively) easier. It’s trite to say, but when things aren’t easy, they’re hard, and when things are hard, they require more effort to pull off. If you want to meet people, you’ve got to meet people, ideally in person. When you’re working all of the time in a rural area this takes more effort. But it’s better to acknowledge that it’s hard and go from there than to wish that it were easy (and shop online).

  5. Elisha Marshall December 6, 2006 at 19:07 #

    Nobody likes my photos. Sad face.Finding a decent boy is hard. My advice would be to focus on finding friends and if you’re lucky you’ll find a hot piece of ass that is also dating material. It’s not YOU. You’re gorgeous and a blast to hang out with. But it’s also not them. It’s the uncontrollable thing called timing and this only slightly controllable thing called being there. And the whole thing sucks but what else are you going to do but try?

  6. Emily December 9, 2006 at 20:24 #

    Britt, I’d like to point some things out.1 – The right guy is worth waiting FOREVER for. 2 – You work at one of the larger tourist attractions in the state. Even if you can’t find someone through or *shudders* myspace, you’re always being exposed to new people through your job.3 – I arrived at #1 through the excruciating process that is not one, but two divorces.

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