detox: update

12 Apr

First off, I would just like to quell any concerns. I will only be on the strict detox diet for two weeks, then I will be adding animal protein (in the form of eggs, dairy, and fish) back into my diet. Plus, I’m still eating a lot of plant protein, like hummus and quinoa. Since I’m already a vegetarian these changes haven’t been too much of a shock to my system.

Secondly, I am in good health with no underlying problems (except allergies) so I think my body can handle it. And I will discontinue the detox if at any time I become unwell, dizzy, weak, etc.

And no, I am not praying to the Gods of Good Health and dancing around in a feathered headdress. Western medicine has been less than effective, so I’m trying something different.

I’m only on day four but so far I feel great. I haven’t noticed a discernible difference in my allergy symptoms, but it will probably be a while before that happens, if at all. Oddly enough, the only craving I’ve had has been for bread. So I got myself some tortillas to eat with my hummus. Mmmmmm. Hummus.


One Response to “detox: update”

  1. Shrig April 13, 2007 at 17:05 #

    I was looking forward to the part where you dance around in feathered headgear… that would have been fun. But, oh well..I LOVE hummus too! Its one of my regulars. Do you make your own or buy it?

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