we were together during a very tumultuous time in our lives

17 Apr

Since I bought an mp3 player a couple of months ago I’ve been in the process of transferring onto it every bit of music I’ve ever owned. I’ve noticed that there are a couple of songs that give me very strong flashbacks to college.

Now, there are plenty of songs that remind us of a certain person or place. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the kind that transport you back in time and make you feel everything you were feeling so many years ago.

There are two songs that do this the most: Jump Right In by The Urge and I Miss You by Incubus. These two songs take me back to freshman year, hanging out in Greg’s shitty apartment that ended up condemned. We were young. We were broke. We were in love.

There are a couple of other songs that remind me of him. And there are a few that take me back to my time in the dorms with Kristen (Rusty Spoon!). But none so strongly as these two. Why do I only get strong sense memories that are related to college? And why do they take me back to this specific time? Maybe it’s because these songs were connected to a particularly strong emotion. I’m not sure. All I know is that it makes me smile when I hear them. And that’s all that really matters.


One Response to “we were together during a very tumultuous time in our lives”

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