shout out

12 Jun

Yo homies. Just here to give you a little update.

1) I should be moving into my new place on July 1, barring any unforeseen problems. It’s gonna be awesome. I’m very excited.

2) Getting my car fixed today. Goodbye, awful grinding sound.

3) Next week I’m going to DC to visit Ben and Robert. Rock on.

4) I’m making lists, lists, and more lists of Things I Need To Buy, Things I Need To Get From Mom’s House, Things I Want To Buy But Probably Can’t Afford – all for the new pad.

5) Avoiding packing at all costs.

6) Still contemplating my tattoo.

7) Enjoying the weather.


One Response to “shout out”

  1. Shrig June 24, 2007 at 10:41 #

    Hey dude- just checking in to see how you’re doing. :) Good luck moving and have fun at Ben’s! :)Ciao!

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