7 Aug

We’re down to only one puffin chick now. The chick I wrote about in the previous post suffered trauma from one of it’s parents and died later that day.

Then, last week we hatched out two more chicks. One was strong right off, but the other had a very difficult hatch and had to be helped out of the egg. We tried to keep this one alive with tube-feedings and meds, but he failed to gain weight and got so sick that today we had to euthanize him. But, I’ve added pics and video here of these two chicks (if you’re reading this on facebook, I’ve already uploaded these to my page). The healthy one is still doing great. Enjoy.

These are two photos of our healthy nugget (AKA The Big’un):

These two are of the cutie that we had to euthanize today:

And here’s a video of me feeding The Big’un:


One Response to “puff-nuggets!”

  1. Kristen September 3, 2008 at 19:03 #

    oooooo you get to work with baby birds? I’m jealous!My two zebra finches just had babies. they just got adult feathers!

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