pennsylvania on my mind

28 Apr

So I might be moving back to PA.

Weird, right?

It turns out that the most economical way of getting the master’s degree that I want is to go to PSU-Harrisburg. But, of course, to get in-state tuition I have to live there for a year before I’m formally enrolled. So this means I need to find a job in PA, and I’ll take some online classes at the same time.

The program is a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. It’s a type of therapy that can be used for several types of problems, but is often used to treat autism. There aren’t many schools in the country that offer a degree that specializes in ABA.

I’ve been kind of playing with the idea of graduate school for years. I had some ideas but none of them appealed enough to me to actually take action on them. Then I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Autism advocacy has become important to me in the intervening months, and while doing some research about autism I found that ABA therapy sounds like something I want to do. I would be able to help people, make a positive difference, and I have a personal connection to it. Also, who is better to teach/mentor people on the autism spectrum than someone who has been through it and knows how it feels?

So there it is: plan #276.


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