doody duty

4 Dec

It’s interesting working with autistic kids. Today, the boy I usually work with wasn’t there so I was sort of an all-purpose classroom aide. I kinda got to hang out with everyone a little bit. They’re hilarious and incredible. There’s just one problem…the diapers.

I’ve dealt with poop a lot in my life. I was a zookeeper, and my mom is a poultry farmer. But, kid poop is a whole different story. It was like I was on potty duty today. I’ve had so many different bodily fluids on me it’s not even funny.

But, even so, I still think my job rocks socks. And, I think I’m probably better with autistic kids than I would be with normal ones. We sort of get each other. It’s nice. And I see myself in them, which is slightly troubling yet comforting at the same time. I guess we all like to be around our own kind sometimes.


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