me: 1, universe: 6, chickens: 0

11 Dec

This was my Wednesday:

There was a snow storm the night before. Schools were closed so I didn’t have work. My parents were out of town so I was taking care of the farm.

When I got up, one of the dogs had pooped in his crate. After cleaning that up, I went outside to take care of the chickens. The entire chicken pen had collapsed because of the snow. I locked all the chickens inside their houses, fed them, then went back inside. Then I proceeded to spend 3 hours trying to light the wood stove. I tried everything conceivable, and the damn thing wouldn’t stay burning. I finally got it lit, then had to leave to go to my therapist. On the way there, I accidentally ran over a chicken (somebody else’s). When I got back the fire was out again. I took another hour to re-light it, then went upstairs and didn’t come back down.


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