that’s pink, you idiot

16 Dec

So, my kiddo at work isn’t verbal yet so we use sign language and picture icons to teach him to communicate. In the last few weeks we’ve also started using “assistive technology,” translation: a touchscreen computer that speaks when you press the icons and can be programmed to fit the needs of the specific child.

I would like to share with you a recounting of one of our first “conversations.”

Scene: We’re sitting at the chalkboard and I’m having him tell me what color chalk he wants.

Me: Do you want a different color?

Kiddo: Yes, I want red.

Me: (seeing that there is only light pink and a reddish-pink, I hand him the reddish-pink chalk)

Kiddo: (looks at chalk) Pink. (goes back to coloring)

The kid corrected me! It’s freaking amazing. This is a kid that had no language at all two months ago. He’s a little genius, I know it. A genius with and attitude, at that. His little brain is a puzzle and it’s my job to figure it out…which is why my job rocks socks.


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