a trekkie treasure trove

2 Jan

I like reading Wil Wheaton’s blog, WWdn: In Exile.  It’s got all kinds of geeky goodness going on.  And, I think he has pretty much the best job ever: professional nerd.  In October he published his first volume of Memories of the Future, a humorous analysis/episode guide/reminiscence of his time on Star Trek: TNG.  The first volume chronicles the first half of the first season, with more volumes to come.

To add to the excitement, I’ve been listening to the Memories of the Futurecast, Wil’s podcast where he shares excerpts from the book.  If you’re a Trek fan I would highly recommend it.  It is extremely amusing.

Also, the best tea mug I have ever seen is now available.  Check it.

Yeah, those are totally the space jellyfish from Encounter at Farpoint.  It will be mine.

And finally, from an unrelated source, this hot t-shirt.

Ready?  Ready?

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Geekgasm is now complete.


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