eye, meet pencil

21 Apr

The good news is that I started my second job today.  It’s with The Arc of Center County, in one of their group homes.  I’m a “Residential Program Worker.” 

However, I had forgotten how incredibly dull new employee training is.  I’ve never had to sign so much paperwork for a job before.  One of the DVDs I watched was a copy of a VHS from 1989.  It was supposed to be teaching me about developmental disabilities.  You should have heard their definition of autism.  Also, the reenactment of fire evacutation was quite amusing. 

Anyway, the fun continues tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll be starting real work next week.


One Response to “eye, meet pencil”

  1. Justin April 21, 2010 at 23:11 #

    Hey, I go to group homes as part of my job! My office is appointed to represent individuals whenever someone files a petition for involuntary commitment, and as the new guy I get to go to most of them. They’re some of my favorite cases. Maybe I’ll run into you sometime.

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