3 Oct

I’ve had this cold for about three weeks. I thought it was getting better, and then it got worse again. It’s like the super-mutant-cold-of-death. I really miss being able to breathe. So I’ve been feeling tired and run down. I didn’t do anything all weekend except knit and watch episodes of ST:DS9. And then I felt bad about myself for being a useless human being. And then I felt lonely. And then I had insomnia.

And this is pretty much a useless rant of a post.

But my brother is here now and he brought me apple cider.  Huzzah!


One Response to “…and…”

  1. Bruce (born 2b me) October 4, 2011 at 13:31 #

    Hello Britt,
    Colds are no fun. I hope the cider worked and you are feeling much better! :)

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