haircut malfunction

15 Mar

I’ve been cutting my own hair for four years now so I guess I was bound to have an accident eventually. Today was that day. Good thing I have a job interview tomorrow.

I had a little slip, so in order to correct it I had to cut it super-mega-short on the sides. On one hand, I have that mohawk I always wanted. On the other hand I kind of look like a new recruit….a male new recruit.

I guess it’s a good thing my hair grows quickly.


2 Responses to “haircut malfunction”

  1. Sarah March 15, 2012 at 14:00 #

    I say just lean into it and give yourself a sweet lightening bolt.

    In a similar situation, I had just finished up shaving Patrick’s head and he wanted to do a last minute touch-up. The guard was off, and as the, “noooooo” left my lips, he had shaved a strip down the center of his head. I shaved the rest of his head all the way down. He looked like a skin-head, which was bad enough, but he was attending a friend’s wedding that weekend. A Jewish wedding. Nice!

  2. myblissdesigning March 15, 2012 at 22:46 #

    Sarah, love your suggestion!

    Britt, the right pair of earrings can pull it all together and you will rock!

    Good luck with your interview…


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