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i didn’t want to do it

26 Jan

I didn’t want to do it, but I had to.

He called me last night, to chat, to say he missed me, to say he wished I was there.

I said he was the one who decided I shouldn’t be there.

I asked him not to call me again.

I really didn’t want to say it. Of course I want to talk to him. I still want us to be together. But that was the choice he made.

I hope I’m right about this.

seriously… kidding

23 Jan

I know I already posted this once before, but I feel like I need to really remember this right now as I’m at an difficult juncture in my life.


14 Jan

So sad.

you deserve it

4 Jun

haircut malfunction

15 Mar

I’ve been cutting my own hair for four years now so I guess I was bound to have an accident eventually. Today was that day. Good thing I have a job interview tomorrow.

I had a little slip, so in order to correct it I had to cut it super-mega-short on the sides. On one hand, I have that mohawk I always wanted. On the other hand I kind of look like a new recruit….a male new recruit.

I guess it’s a good thing my hair grows quickly.

blip, blip, blip

28 Nov

That’s the sound of me coming back onto the radar.

Yeah, I warned you that would happen. What with the Skyrim, and Thanksgiving, and catching a cold, and school projects, and SAD I just haven’t had the inclination to post.

I hope everyone (in the US at least) had a good Thanksgiving break. Technically I’m still on break cause one of my clients doesn’t start school again until Wednesday. Thank you, hunting season. That’s right. For all of you non-Pennsylvanians who may not know, we get the first day (or two in some places) of deer season off of school. It’s one of the few perks of living in the hinterlands. Although now I have to watch that I don’t get accidentally shot when I’m out in the back of our property.

The end of the semester is now in sight. December 16 is officially the last day I have anything due, but hopefully I’ll get it all done earlier than that.  Then I have a whole month of glorious freedom! Okay, I still have to go to work. But going to work is so much easier when I know I don’t have to do homework when I get home.

It’s amazing what a break can do for my mood. I feel so much better now that I’ve had some rest. I need to figure out how to replicate this feeling all of the time, but that would require going to bed early and I don’t know if I can do that all the time.


24 Aug

From Indexed

for lazy people like me

10 Jul

enter title here

5 Jun

Okay friends, I’m back now.

I finished my training for my new job, as a TSS (therapeutic staff support).  Yay!  I should be starting with clients anytime now.  For now I still work at the preschool too, but probably only until the end of summer.  Finally, a job that doesn’t pay minimum wage.  Happy day!

The parents are gone for the weekend, so I’m watching the animals.  My mom left me note: “Have a wild party!”  I came to the realization that I cannot have a wild party because I know like three people within a 50 mile radius.  Sad face.

Still haven’t heard whether Edinboro has accepted me.  I’m getting a little titchy about that.

I’m trying not to be a sad bean all the time, but I’m only being semi-successful.


3 Jun

By definition you can’t get what you want.  You can sometimes get what you thought you wanted, but that’s not the same thing.

~Ethan Nichtern


24 May

surprise, surprise

20 Apr

No sooner do I purchase a new computer than the old one decides it can’t find Firefox.  But, I don’t have the new one yet.  I think I’ve had just about enough crap from this thing.  It’s time for reformatting.



4 Apr

wow, i missed a post already

3 Mar

Ok, so I’m bad at posting every day.  I’m trying.

Anyway, I feel weird and yucky today so this is all you get.

I’ll provide you with something more interesting on the morrow.

Good night.


28 Feb

…is the March theme for NaBloPoMo.  Oh man, I can do a lot with that.  I’m gonna give it a go again, seeing as how my February posting was pretty spotty.

this is so sad

29 Jan

i am addicted to “texts from last night”

18 Jan

I am not speculating about which disney princesses do and do not have gag reflexes.

so I woke up this morning and on their fridge, the first item on the shopping list was my virginity.

At any point in time, have you stopped and thought “I wonder how high Willie Nelson is right now?

Just walked pass a bum on the way to a coinstar… awkward

She offered to make me a fruit roll up salad for breakfast…I’m not sure if that’s the coolest or weirdest thing ever…


9 Jan

Sarah’s at my house.

It’s awesome.

I’m totally going to blog more later, but I don’t have time right now.


happy birthday to me

8 Jan

I joined a woodwind quintet to play my bassoon.

The music is a bit hard.

I am slightly worried, but excited.

Also, I’m 27 today.


Not really.

I hate birthdays.

hallelujah, sister

5 Jan

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