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4 Feb

So I’m a little late to hop on the resolution bandwagon. I don’t like resolutions particularly, but I need to set some goals for myself. I may not get them all done by the end of 2013 but I need to put a concerted effort in.

  1. Figure out what I’m going to do with my my life (at least the next 5 years or so)
  2. Find a full-time job that has decent pay doing said thing
  3. Pay down loans or get them forgiven
  4. Do hobbies/activities that make me happy
  5. Make more friends
  6. Find “life partner”

I know, I just said “life partner.” Ewwww. But I didn’t know what else to call it. You know what I mean.

So friends, if you see any good jobs near you send ’em my way. Have talent, will travel.

the waiting is the hardest part…

8 Feb

…as issued from the sagely mouth of Tom Petty.

I can be impatient. I am person of action, so when I come up with a plan I execute it with haste and expect the results to start rolling in. In a way this has been a good thing for me. I’ve always had goals. For the most part I’ve achieved those goals. But it also means that I am constantly focused on whether or not I’m getting where I want to go. To use a hackneyed expression, I’m not enjoying the ride. I’m just in a hurry to get to the destination.

Also, as an aspie, I get all kinds of twitchy when things don’t go according to plan. And with the recent happenings in my life this has been leading to a lot of pain for me. It feels like this whole “finding love” thing is taking for-fucking-ever.

So how do you make an effort at something but not get too caught up in the outcome?

How do you remain eager and hopeful yet unattached?

I don’t know. I don’t have those answers.

All I know is that the lovely Bev posted the following on my Facebook page and it made me cry just a little and made me feel better just a little.


31 Aug

So, I’m going to try to post something every day for the month of September for NaBloPoMo.  I have attempted in the past and have failed, as is indicative of my ability to commit to a routine. I guess I need to do a behavioral intervention on myself.

Also, I downloaded a nifty app for my iPod that is a meditation timer with fancy bells and a log of all the time that you meditate with charts and graphs and such. This might seem a little counterintuitive, since mediation isn’t supposed to be about reaching any particular goal. But, because I can also be a perfectionist I think it might keep me motivated to meditate every day. I wouldn’t want an unsightly gap in my graphs, now would I?

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