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3 Oct

I’ve had this cold for about three weeks. I thought it was getting better, and then it got worse again. It’s like the super-mutant-cold-of-death. I really miss being able to breathe. So I’ve been feeling tired and run down. I didn’t do anything all weekend except knit and watch episodes of ST:DS9. And then I felt bad about myself for being a useless human being. And then I felt lonely. And then I had insomnia.

And this is pretty much a useless rant of a post.

But my brother is here now and he brought me apple cider.  Huzzah!

as i suspected

20 Aug

Yesterday and today have been hard days for me. It’s been almost a week since the breakup and I’m starting to miss him. I also haven’t gotten enough sleep the past two nights, which tends to make me more emotional anyway. I woke up at 3AM this morning and never got back to sleep.

I guess I miss feeling special. Like I was in a club with only two members. He was the person I talked to about all the random crap that happened during the day. Now what? We’re instantly out of each others lives, just like that? I want to talk to him but I know I shouldn’t, for my own good.

I’m just so tired. Taxed. Spent.

a cure may be sooner than we think

24 Apr

Research by scientists at The George Washington University School of Medicine suggests that the effects of autism my be reversible.  Basically, we have microRNA’s that regulate the expression of certain genes.  Scientists have found that microRNA profiles for brain function are differentially expressed in the autistic samples, showing differences in the expression of genes highly involved in neurological functions in addition to those involved in gastrointestinal diseases, circadian rhythm signaling, and hormone metabolism.  Since microRNA expression can be changed using complimentary “anti-sense” RNA, they think they may be able to engineer it to “fix” the gene expression that is abnormal in autistic people.  This article explains it a little better than I do.

This is interesting news.  It finally shows that may be a real connection between autism and  stomach and sleep problems.  It still doesn’t tell us why autism occurs, but it shows us where it occurs in the brain, which is very exciting.  It may also allow us to have a physiological test for autism instead of guesswork.  I would be very interested to see what the differences are between people with Asperger’s and people with classical autism.

There’s no doubt that if a therapy is developed from this research it could change the lives of severely disabled people.  There’s also no doubt that I find this research scientifically intriguing.  But, it brings up the same question I seem to go on about all the time.  Would curing a person’s autism also irrevocably change their personality?  What about the advantages of having AS like intense focus, unusual analytical skills, or eidetic memory?  Would those things be lost along with the unsavory symptoms?

I just don’t know.  But I do know that I like myself the way I am.

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