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18 Oct

Since you all seemed to enjoy the time-lapse photography and I’ve been too busy to write a real post….here’s some more!  This time it’s from Iceland, showcasing the midnight sun of summer. I’ve always had a thing for Iceland. There’s something about it’s pop music and hauntingly beautiful landscapes. It’s definitely a place I want to see before I die.

Once again, it’s best viewed in fullscreen. Enjoy! I’ll write a real post soon.



14 Oct

I love some beautiful time-lapse photography. I always find it simultaneously uplifting and melancholic.  Dustin Farrell’s work is amazing. Watch it in HD and fullscreen. It’s worth it.


27 Aug

Today I realized I really missed living on the farm. There’s something about being able to walk out the back door and go straight into the woods. I went out into the damp quiet before the storm came. As I listen to the hurricane rain outside the window, I feel a little melancholy. But, I am not afraid.

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