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word up, r.d.

23 Jan

Richard Dawkins presents a brilliant and humorous talk about creationism.  He reminds us that believing in evolution isn’t mutually exclusive with believing in God.  But, he is also a very strong proponent of atheism.  He points out the grievous state of American politics and culture, in which you must believe in God to be an honest, good, upright person.  Dawkins suggests that atheists need to come out of the woodwork and make ourselves heard.  Word up, R.D.

If I’m right, this means that high office in the greatest country in the world is barred to the very people best qualified to hold it, the intelligentsia, unless they are prepared to lie about their beliefs. To put it bluntly, American political opportunities are heavily loaded against those who are simultaneously intelligent and honest.

the habits of happiness

26 Dec
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